Broken Home

Our band consists of three members, Jeanne-Mairie, Jenny, and Tony. Jenny and Tony were married for five years, lived together five years before that, and have now been divorced twenty years plus. Jeanne-Mairie is their daughter; they have another daughter, Sarah, who is away at school. The band has played together for about one year. Jeanne-Mairie got them together by playing a kind of “Parent Trap” for the new millennium. Jeanne-Mairie and Jenny sing and play kazoo’s, Tony play’s guitar and occasionally favors the audience with his unique vocal styling. The music we play is very eclectic, running from true jazz standards like “Summer Time” and “I Only Have Eyes For You” to late 70’s early 80’s rock, such as The Eagle’s “Hotel California” and Abba’s “Fernando”. Exploring all the areas that lie in-between and reworking them with the Broken Home point of view and some rocking kazoo, much mirth and gimmickry is certain to ensue. The feel good hit of the year, you’ll laugh you’ll cry, it will become a part of your life, Broken Home coming to a something near you.